Heres a small selection of recordings that i'm fond of, some old, some new....

  • Kolarides Organ Trio

    Martin Kolarides - Guitar
    Arthur Lea - Organ
    Pete Ibbetson - Drums

  • Acoustic Finger-style Guitar

    A collection of Irish and Scottish traditional music I recorded in 2012, mainly in DADGAD tuning.

    Visit the Videos page to see me playing more of this style

  • HUGH - I Can't Figure You Out

    From our first EP of the same name
    click here for the video

  • Production and Remixes

    A collection of recent compositions, remixes and sketches.

  • Cordes En Blues

    An old recording from my gypsy swing band.

    Kit Massey - Fiddle
    Matt Ridley - Bass
    Edward Jay - Accordion
  • Random jazz stuff

    Some odds and sods recorded over the last several years